About Me

Well hello friend!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what Pineapple Pottery is all about :)

My name is Denise, and I create porcelain earrings and pendants with a modern simplicity and 22K gold or platinum accents that are joined by all things fun and a bit quirky (like me) such as watermelons, lemons, ice cream cone pendants and of course pineapples! Wheel thrown or hand built ring dishes and functional pottery are often hand painted with florals or pineapples and I can't wait to show you what my sketchbook ideas are for new collections each year. I create everything in my home studio in Cambridge ON.

As you can tell I love colour, aqua and turquoise being my favourites as they remind me of all things beach, summer time with blue skies, sailing and the warm sun on my face, comfy breezes and pineapple drinks. Being outdoors is my favourite thing and often I take my work outside to listen to the birds in the trees, and the chipmunks scurrying by to hide away their treasures. When I need a break you can find me either out on the water solo sailing, crewing on a race boat or in my colourful vintage 1965 Shasta trailer Suzy Q.

I am a one woman show, from idea conception, hand building, painting, glazing and firing, to picture taking, editing, uploading, packing and shipping! My two cats Scout and Hobbes are supposed to do bookkeeping but they just lie around on top of it most days or do quality control instead, for some strange reason licking the bisque ware before I glaze. 

Stay awhile, look around, thanks for coming back, and if you are new then welcome!